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Morpheus Soul

Saturdays 3-5pm

The Morpheus Soul Show is presented by ‘The Temporary Residents’ DJ Johnny Rebel & The Soulful Solly Brown. Johnny (a self confessed vinyl addict and collector) and The Soulful Solly Brown (a natural showman and presenter) have showcased their unique blend of progressive soul and hip-hop LIVE on air every week for the last thirteen years featuring a mix of music that you could not find on any other radio show. This weekly affair also plays host to some super talented guests including Grammy nominee Eric Roberson, Stones Throw emcee extraordinaire Homeboy Sandman, Super Producer Ski Beatz, a host of home-grown UK talent including Colonel Red, Daz-I-Kue, Profusion, Rodney P, Sharlene Hector, Mystro, Heidi Vogel, Terri Walker, Julie Dexter and Ty to name a few, plus stateside wordsmiths aplenty with Pugs Atomz, John Robinson, Tanya Morgan and Spec Boogie all showing Morpheus Soul love with fantastic interviews and off the top freestyle niceness.

On air since October 2005, the show was born out of the dynamic duo’s frustration at the distinct lack of airplay for some of their favourite artists. After deciding to address this, The Morpheus Soul Show found a niche and made a positive impression on the radio scene with their mix of music and personable presenting style. Combined with the usual mix of competitions, special features and gig guides it all added up to a potent but addictive mix, which when combined with their unique, unscripted humour meant there was never a dull moment.