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House Music Legend LADY ALMA Announces Anthology Release with Mark de Clive-Lowe

14 June 2019

“Twilight is futuristic soul – syncopated beats infused with progressive electronic production,” describes Philadelphia’s Lady Alma. A nine-song collection of soul-drenched goodness showcasing Lady Alma, produced by renegade jazz and club music maverick Mark de Clive-Lowe.
Lady Alma is no stranger to fans of soulful underground club music having collaborated extensively with the likes of King Britt, DJ Spinna, 4Hero, Osunlade and many more, lending her voice to timeless dancefloor classics including “Hold It Down”, “It’s House Music” and many, many more.
San Diego-born and Philadelphia-raised, Lady Alma pens and sings her songs to speak to the universality of the human condition and uplift the spirit, combining the infectious evangelism of the most soulful church service you could ever go to along with the bump and beats of the club. While her words carry inspiration and life lessons, her voice and live shows are in a league of their own.
From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Bangkok, London to Paris and Johannesburg to Sydney, Lady Alma has raised the roof at parties and festivals all around the world leaving audiences with countless unforgettable magic moments.
“If you’re looking for some true soulful emotion, here you go – she makes me want to throw my hands in the air and party the night away!” – DJ Jazzy Jeff

Twilight is the result of Lady Alma’s long-standing collaborations with Mark de Clive-Lowe – a musician, composer and producer equally as acclaimed in the DJ and house music world as he is in the experimental jazz world. Over their 15 year working relationship, together the two have created an intoxicating blend of R&B, soul, house music and broken beat that further cements Lady Alma’s reputation as one of the best to ever hold a mic.
“At times I get a little overwhelmed with the problems the problems of the world
Trying not to focus on no war, Maybe I’ll just heal them, heal them with some more Good vibes and cheer spread to everyone Making music is my means to get it done” – Lady Alma from “Keep It Moving”