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Durand Jones & The Indications New Album American Love Call

14 March 2019

“The Indications get even better on new LP ‘American Love Call,’ which contains frequent jolts of Frankie Lymon falsetto from drummer Aaron Frazer. Much of contemporary R&B is forceful and rugged; on tracks like ‘Court of Love’ and ‘Sea Gets Hotter,’ the Indications stay wonderfully delicate.” — Rolling Stone

“Aaron [Frazer] was playing something on guitar and I felt like it really went with something I was writing in my journal, a reflection on my experience with the justice system in America,” says Jones. “Aaron liked what I had and added his own perspective to it, about refugees, immigrants and the systemic obstacles they face on arrival. I can’t help but think of the brothers and sisters in America’s prison system whose lives are ruined over minor convictions. How some of my friends at home now navigate their young adult lives as felons, and all the barriers— social, political and economic— that come along with that. I also think of how we are not walking these trials alone. And if you’re willing to give a hand to help something, it usually comes back around when you need it. We have to show up for each other.”

Helmed by foil vocalists Jones and Frazer (drums), The Indications’ sound of “old-school soul with a new-school honesty” (NPR’s All Things Considered) is rounded out by Blake Rhein (guitarist), Kyle Houpt (bassist), and Steve Okonski (keyboard). The Indications will tour the US extensively this spring in support of American Love Call. A full list of tour dates are below.