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Fredrick – My Gift To You

18 September 2018

By collaborating with Allan Licht and Pete Tokar, Frederick has crafted the perfect addition to Smooth Jazz and Soul with his new single, “My Gift To You.”

In his slow, yet catchy ballad, he expresses the soulful sounds of reoccurring love and true adoration. In its multipart guitar breakdown by Brian Davidson, and harmonizing background vocals by Ezre and himself, “My Gift To You” gives listeners an embodiment of the world’s favorite topic—love.

With words written by R.K. Holler Music and Allan Licht, “My Gift To You” represents the collective feelings of all couples, and is the perfect add-on to Frederick’s chart-hitting library. From the 1984 and 2017 version of “Games,” to his single “Let’s Take The Time” with Gloria Loring, to “I Can’t Help But Love You” and “Shoulder To Cry On,” “My Gift To You” continuous the central theme of tenderness.

“All of these songs are about love,” Frederick says. “I look at myself as the messenger for men who feel this way about their woman, but don’t know how to say it. Women crave these words, and hearing it from me can indirectly remind them of how loved they are, or supply the affirmation they need.”

As no stranger to the music industry, Frederick has impressed thousands of people worldwide. From being featured on the Night Cruz show with Kevin O’Brien at Star Point Radio, to being featured on Solar Radio, Jazz FM and BBC Radio, just to name a few, “My Gift To You” will be no different. The finger-snapping, goosebumps-giving love song is sure to induce feelings of old- school lovin’ that will leave listeners wanting more.

“My Gift To You” is now assessable on all music and streaming outlets. Do yourself a favour and download Frederick’s pre-declared hit single that simplifies the complex idea of love into a catchy, heart-tugging melody.