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The Doggett Brothers – Get High

18 September 2018

The Doggett Brothers return with their brand new 10 track album ‘Get High’.

Following on from the first promo single ‘Get High’ featuring the vocals of Nate James, is the track ‘Don’t You Know’ featuring US vocal superstar, Jarrod Lawson

Don’t You Know is a slower, simmering track that builds from the album, featuring a simply jaw dropping vocal performance from Jarrod Lawson. With nods to D’Angelo and Disclosure, the track also features the string arrangement of Tobie Tripp, who recorded all strings on the recent Tom Misch album ‘Geography’’.

‘Don’t You Know’ shows the diversity that the album has to offer. The track showcases a live, orchestral approach, R&B feel, and a raunchy, soulful Prince-style guitar line.

The track is close to the brothers’ heart; Greg wrote and recorded the music the day after Prince died, and Carl penned the lyrical story. Sit back and immerse yourself in this timeless classic.