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K. Avett – Lioness

17 May 2018

The singer is currently on a quest to showcase her growth as a songwriter with her sophomore album, “Lioness,” which is set to drop May 11th, 2018. She adds about the project:

“This album touches on several topics and above all, speaks to discovering your truth and embracing your inner strength. Every single one of us has the capacity to reach our greatest potential – in life, love, and finding happiness. This is the very essence of the “Lioness” movement.”

Riding off the wave of the success of her debut album “Revelations”, K.Avett was an opening featured artist for Corinne Bailey Rae’s “The Heart Speaks in Whispers” Tour and has performed from NY to LA to Canada. With a smooth and soulful sound as transparent as the lyrics she writes, K.Avett continues to pick up momentum and branch out as the sound of thought-provoking, “feel good” music.